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    1. High Speed UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer, YD1810-KD

      YD1810-KD series high speed UV flatbed inkjet printer is one of our innovations. It supports max. printing size up to 1800mmx1000mm and max. material thickness of 100mm. It makes printing of ultra-large glass sliding doors and glass curtain walls easy and effortless!

    1. Wide Format Flatbed UV Printer, YD-F2513XR

      Rigid materials: Glass, ceramic tile, ceiling board, aluminum plate, wood sheet, door plank, sign board, acrylic sheet, KT board, perspex sheet, PVC foam board, corrugated board and etc.

    1. High-Performance YD-F2513R4 UV Flatbed Printer

      With the Ricoh G4 printer heads imported from Japan, YOTTA YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printer is capable of printing items with extremely large flat, such as 2500mm *1300mm glasses, ceramic tiles, acrylic sheets, metal sheets, and advertising posters.

    1. The small format UV flatbed printer is compatible with all kinds of materials, including crystal, wood, PVC, leather, glass, plastic, stone, metal, acrylic, fabric, and more. It is your best choice if you are looking for small format printers for single color or multiple-color printing on various flat surfaces. The flatbed UV printer features fast printing without the demand of platemaking, plate exposure unit or repeated printing registration. It can be found in a huge range of industries.
    1. High Resolution UV Flatbed Printer, YD-F2513R5

      Due to large printing size, the UV flatbed printer is often utilized for printing large-sized items, such as glass sliding doors, furniture and suspended ceiling tiles. Material loading assisting device is available to ensure effortless loading of large and heavy items.

    1. UV Flatbed Printer, YD-F2513KJYD-F2513KJ high-speed UV flatbed printer adopts Kyocera print heads that have the highest printing speed in the industry. The printing width of Kyocera print head can reach up to 112.35mm. A single print head can print 40000 drops of ink every second. So the whole of print heads in a printer can print over 100 million drops of ink every second. YD-F2513KJ high-speed UV flatbed printer is equipped with 2 cartridges, providing double negative pressure function.
    1. High Resolution UV Flatbed Printer, YD-F2513R4-35YD-F2513R4-35 series high resolution UV flatbed printer is especially designed for large format printing on ultra-thick materials. It supports max. printing size of 2500mm*1300mm. On the basis of our powerful research and development capacity, we are able to ensure speedy and stable movement of printheads even at the max. printing height of 340mm. These make our high resolution UV printer a best choice for printing on wide format and ultra-thick materials.
    1. Digital UV Flatbed Printing Machine, YD-F2513R5-40YD-F2513R5-40 digital UV flatbed printing machine introduces Ricon print head, a universal accepted one, which supports a simultaneous printing for different pictures and the printing for certain area of single picture. Thus, mass printing for small pictures and sampling printing for big picture could be easily achieved.
    1. Rigid Media Digital UV Flatbed Printing Machine, YD-F3216KCYD-F3216KC is a flatbed inkjet printer that uses an industrial-grade, gray-scale inkjet print-head coming from Konica for superior color and imaging. The maximum printable width per pass is up to 72mm, while the allowable media size is 3200mm by 1600mm maximum.
    1. High Resolution UV Flatbed Printer, YD-F3216R5With printing size of 3200mm×1600mm, the UV flatbed printer is great for ultra large format printing and offers high printing resolution. It is fitted with Ricon G5 industrial inkjet print heads which support maximum print width of 72mm for increased efficiency.
    1. UV Flatbed Printer, YD-F3020R5YD-F3020R5 UV flatbed printer adopts Ricoh print heads. The print heads can be arranged in single or double rows. YD-F3020R5 has a good control of ink. The free change between single row and double row printing can realize both fast printing and slow printing. The 6-color 600*2400dpi high precision and high speed printing delivers a vivid effect with bright colors.
    1. Textile Printing Machine, YD-T1804SGThe YD-T1804SG textile printing machine is equipped with 3-8 StarFire 1204 stainless steel inner heating printheads. It is suitable for long-term continuous printing for a large amount of textiles. The YD-T1804SG is applied to printing cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester and other woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, meeting the needs of different printing widths in the clothing and home textile industries.
    1. UV Hybrid Printer (Roll to Roll and Flatbed), YD-H3200R5The YD-H3200R5 series UV hybrid printer is specially designed for ultra large format printing. It is a large-sized, industrial grade and superior-performance color printer. The print machine can work on 3200mm wide, 50mm thick rigid and flexible materials. More importantly, it can provide an extremely cost-effective solution for printing coils and plates.
    1. UV Hybrid Printer (Roll to Roll and Flatbed), YD-H3200KJThe YD-H3200KJ hybrid printer is equipped with 3-8 Kyocera industrial grayscale piezoelectric print heads. The number of the print heads can be adjusted according to your needs. The printing speed can reach up to 100㎡/h (4 pass), while the precision is 635*2400dpi. It can print rigid or flexible coils with width smaller than 3200. It is a high-speed coil printer especially designed for the advertising industry.
    1. Top in class industrial inkjet print head is introduced to Yotta’s YD-R3200R5 roll to roll UV printing machine, allowing a max. print width of 3.2 meters and a resolution of 600×2400dpi with 4~8 color available for option. It is quite suitable for the printing of all kinds of flexible materials, like, soft film, residential wall paper, retroreflective sheet, canvas, leather, PVC coated tarpaulin and etc.
    1. Glass PrinterThe glass printer is a UV flatbed printer with maximum printing size of 2500mm*1300mm. The glass printer allows the printing for materials with a max. height of 100mm. The printer adopts a high-speed Kyocera industrial inkjet print head, which could print 45 square meters’ material in a single hour. Besides, our glass printer, as a flatbed printing machine, also enables a high-speed and high-precision printing for glass panels.
    1. Wood PrinterYD-F2513R4 UV flatbed inkjet printer, one of our most popular selections of wood printer, is fitted with genuine original Ricoh Gen4 print head to deliver superior printing quality. It supports maximum printing size of 2500mmx1300mm, and maximum medium thickness of 100mm.
    1. Ceramic Tile PrinterYOTTA YD-F2513R5 flatbed UV printer is often used for printing on ceramic tiles. It is equipped with genuine original Ricon G5 industrial inkjet printheads, and the printhead number is variable according to application demand. The ceramic tile printer can be used to print on tiles with max. thickness of 100mm, and the max. printing size is 2500mm×1300mm.
    1. Metal PrinterYD-F2513XR flatbed inkjet printer is a great choice for metal printing. It supports large format printing with size up to 2500mm×1300mm, and can print on sheet metals with 100mm maximum thickness. Available with a high printing resolution of 700×2400dpi, the metal printer can generate vivid and clear images without any defect.
    1. Aluminum Sheet PrinterIf you are looking for an industrial inkjet printer for aluminum printing, then this aluminum sheet printer is your optimum choice. It is a UV flatbed printer with maximum printing size up to 2500mm×1300mm and printing height of 100mm. In addition to aluminum sheet, it can also print on other flat surfaces such as wood, glass, stone, paper, acrylic, fabric, and more.
    1. Door PrinterThe door printer is a collection of large format printer that supports creating printing marks on wooden doors, metal doors and glass sliding doors. It delivers vivid and colorful prints, and also support embossed printing. It thus can meet door manufacturers' varied demands.
    1. Backdrop PrinterThe backdrop printer is fitted with Ricoh printhead with increased grey-scale levels. The wide format printer offers maximum printing size of 3000mm×2000mm. The max. printing speed is up to 38m2/h. Imported high quality parts and components provide the flatbed inkjet printer with an extended service life which is usually 2 to 5 times of an ordinary flatbed printer.
    1. Plastic PrinterYD-H3200R5 flatbed UV printer is often utilized for plastic printing. Its genuine original Ricoh Gen5 industrial inkjet print head ensures exceptional printing quality. The plastic printer supports maximum material thickness of 100mm and maximum printing size of 3200mm.
    1. Ceiling Tile PrinterYD-F2513R5 flatbed printer can create any style of clear and vivid print marks on ceiling tiles made from various material. It meets both mass production and trial-production demands. Try the industrial printer to create your individual and aesthetical ceiling tiles.
    1. Acrylic PrinterThe acrylic printer supports single color and multi-color printing without the demand of platemaking, printing exposure unit or printing registration. It thus is an efficient inkjet printing solution for creating LOGO, texts, as well as aesthetical and complexed patterns on acrylic sheets. It won't cause any imperfection on acrylic surface.
    1. Leather PrinterYOTTA YD-F2513XR leather printer is designed for large format printing on various leather materials. It features a high printing resolution up to 720×2400dpi which is a leading level in industrial inkjet printer industry.
    1. Flex Banner PrinterThe flex banner printer is a hybrid printer accepting both roll and sheet materials. It is a good replacement of roll to roll printers for printing of fabrics, flex banners and advertising banners. It can also replace common purpose flatbed UV printers to print on solid flat substrates such as glass, wood, stone, PVC, laminated foam board, ceramic tile, and metal.
    1. UV Adhesive Vinyl PrinterIn addition to common purpose printing, the UV adhesive vinyl printer also supports creating 3D decorative patterns and oil painting style printing marks. The print is water resistant, wearing resistant and won't fade over time. Thus, it is a great multi-color printing solution to print on adhesive vinyl, adhesive sticker, and various sticky back plastic products.
    1. Craft Gift PrinterIn addition to the precision and efficiency of common flatbed inkjet printers, the craft gift printer innovatively adopts an advanced UV LED curing system to enable synchronous printing and drying. It also supports embossed printing. The industrial digital printer features continuous ink supply and 8 color printing.