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High-Performance YD-F2513R4 UV Flatbed Printer

With the Ricoh G4 printer heads imported from Japan, YOTTA YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printer is capable of printing items with extremely large flat, such as 2500mm *1300mm glasses, ceramic tiles, acrylic sheets, metal sheets, and advertising posters. It can run continuously for 7 whole days. YOTTA flatbed printing machine shows unparalleled advantages in outdoor advertising, interior renovation and other large format color printing applications.

In addition to the standard version, we can also supply UV flatbed inkjet printers with optional white ink printing and varnishing functions.

Detail Display
  • An overall view of YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printer
  • A profile of YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printing machine, as well as the data cables and the tow line
  • The HIWIN paper guide runs stably and silently with high parallelism, effectively guaranteeing the printing precision
  • The Panasonic stepper motor is introduced to accurately control the printing position
  • The negative pressure system of YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printing device provides a high ink supply speed, ensuring that the printer will work continuously for a long time without ink lack Heightened vision
  • UV LED curing system, fast drying, energy0-saving, long service life, excellent curing effect
Features of YD-F2513R4 UV flatbed printer

1.Various printing patterns varying in speed are prepared
2.7 colors available: C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, and white ink/ transparent vanish; some special printing effect such as 3D, relief, and highlight can be realized; the ink is eco-friendly
3.The thermostatic cartridge system and negative pressure system have effectively guaranteed the ink frequency under environment with different temperature and humidity
4.YOTTA adopts the paper guides from HIWIN and the motors from Panasonic for the flatbed printing devices to realize an accurate error control
5.YOTTA printers employ the high-performance Ricoh-Gen4 industrial nozzle, whose resolution is up to 600×2400dpi; the nozzle is of high anti-corrosion performance and an extremely long life
6.The intelligent paper thickness detection device is utilized to improve the printing efficiency
7.The high-efficiency water cooled LED-UV lamp whose service life reaches 30000h allows for excellent curing as well as energy saving effects
8.The backup power is prepared in case power failure

Technical Specifications of the High Speed UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Model YD-F2513R4
Printing dimension 2500×1300mm
Print head Ricoh-Gen4 grayscale piezoelectric print heads (3-8)
Print resolution 600×2400dpi
Printing speed 4 Pass 25㎡/h
6 Pass 17㎡/h
8 Pass 13㎡/h
Printing mode Bidirectional & unidirectional
Ink colors C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, white ink /transparent vanish (alternative)
Printing material thickness Maximum 100mm (heightened 340mm)
Printing materials Rigid/ flexible sheets
Software PhotoPrint, Seeget
Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Electrical requirements 220V/AC (±10%) single-phase, 50/60 Hz; 4.8 KW (22A)
Dimension 1200 mm × 2080 mm × 3620 mm (H×W×L)
Environments Individual, little dust, little light, and ventilated environment is required; temperature: 18℃~30℃ (64℉~86℉) Humidity: 30% ~70% (no condensation) Ventilation device: exhaust fan with a gas displacement of 600 cfm is suggested
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