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Wide Format Flatbed UV Printer

, YD-F2513XR

YD-F2513XR series printer is one of the newly developed flatbed UV printer, which enjoys a high cost effectiveness, excellent printing quality and outstanding printing efficiency. XAAR’s high quality print head is introduced, which allows a 2.5pl ink droplet size and fine printing effect. The printer allows double-way printing, so the printing efficiency could be largely improved, and lead time could be shortened to a great extent. Therefore, the printer is widely applied for wide format printing.

Main characteristics:
Max. printing size: 2. 5 m (W) × 1.25 m (L) ×100 mm(H)
Printing resolution: 720x2400dpi
Print head: 1~8 with 4~8 colors for option

Both rigid and flexible materials are applicable to Yotta’s YD-F2513XR wide-format flatbed UV printer.
Rigid materials: Glass, ceramic tile, ceiling board, aluminum plate, wood sheet, door plank, sign board, acrylic sheet, KT board, perspex sheet, PVC foam board, corrugated board and etc.
Flexible materials: Residential wall paper, retroreflective sheet, canvas, carpet, leather, paper, PVC coated tarpaulin and etc.

Detail Display
Technical parameters
Model YD-F2513XR
Printing size 2500×1300mm
Print head model Xaar XAAR1201(2.5pl)
Resolution 720x2400dpi (dots per inch)
Number of print head 1~8 (optional for 4~8 colors)
Data interface High speed USB
Color control standard ICC (International color consortium)
RIP ( Raster image processor) Maintop's RIP
Printing speed High speed mode Color printing with double row print head 360x1200dpi 32㎡/h
Normal working mode Color printing with double row print head 360x1800dpi 23㎡/h
High precision mode Color printing with double row print head 360x2400dpi 18㎡/h
Printing ink Original UV ink
Printing color Lm, Lc, Y, M, C, K, W, V for option
UV curing system Water cooled UV LED curing lamp
Power supply Double-phase, AC220V/3500W, 50/60HZ
Dimension (L*W*H) 3500mm× 2100mm x 1200mm
Weight 850KG
Operating environment A separate cleanroom with low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, small illumination, and good ventilation; Ambient temperature: 20ºC~28ºC Relative humidity: 40% ~ 60% (zero condensation) Ventilation equipment: Overhead exhaust fan with a displacement capacity of 600cfm is advisable.

1. YD-F2513XR wide format UV flatbed printer introduces XAAR’s brand new high-precision industrial print heads, and combines MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical system) and piezo film together. 1280 holes displayed in four rows with a greyscale of 8 are installed in the UV printer, allowing two color printing with a resolution of 600dpi, and four color printing with a resolution of 300dpi. Meanwhile, since a max. ignition frequency of 50khz, and a 2.5PL ink droplet size could be achieved, a fine and perfect printing effect could be realized.

2. Integrated stainless steel support underwent a stress relieving process, so it will not deform during transportation and is able to work more stably and reliably.

3. A specially designed height meter is installed on our YD-F2513XR wide format UV flatbed printer, which allows an automatic measurement towards the thickness of printing material. In this way, manual counting will be canceled for decreased time & effort and improved accuracy.

4. Efficient UV-LED light is introduced for our ink curing system, which helps to achieve outstanding curing effect and dramatic energy saving effect. Besides, a service life of 30,000 hours could be met.

5. YD-F2513XR wide format flatbed UV printer supports double-direction printing, which helps to improve printing efficiency.

6. Negative pressure system is introduced to the UV printer’s auxiliary ink cartridge, which allows a separate controlling towards the negative pressure of color ink print head and white ink print head, so ink’s feeding will be smoother.

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