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Roll to Roll UV Printing Machine

, YD-R3200R5

Top in class industrial inkjet print head is introduced to Yotta’s YD-R3200R5 roll to roll UV printing machine, allowing a max. print width of 3.2 meters and a resolution of 600×2400dpi with 4~8 color available for option. It is quite suitable for the printing of all kinds of flexible materials, like, soft film, residential wall paper, retroreflective sheet, canvas, leather, PVC coated tarpaulin and etc. So the roll to roll UV printing machine is always familiar in wide format printing for both indoor and outdoor use.
Yotta’s roll to roll UV printing machine adopts high-quality UV curing ink, which helps to ensure a colorful and durable printing effect for several years.

Detail Display
Technical parameters
Model YD-R3200R5
Printing size Width: 3200mm
Printing head model GEN5 Ricoh print head
Print resolution 600 × 2400dpi
Print head number 3~8 (4~7 color for option)
Data interface High speed USB
Color control standard ICC (International color consortium)
RIP ( Raster image processor) PHOTOPRINT RIP
Printing speed (single row) High speed mode 38㎡/h
Normal working mode 29㎡/h
High precision mode 22㎡/h
Printing ink Imported original UV ink
Printing color Lm, Lc, Y, M, C, K, W, V for option
UV curing system UV LED curing lamp
Power supply Double-phase, AC220V/6000W; 50/60HZ
Dimension (L*W*H) 6600mm× 1500mmx 1600mm
Weight 2300KG
Operating environment A separate cleanroom with low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, small illumination, and good ventilation; Ambient temperature: 20ºC~28ºC Relative humidity: 40% ~ 60% (zero condensation) Ventilation equipment: Overhead exhaust fan with a displacement capacity of 600cfm is advisable.

RICOH industrial print head
RICOH GEN5 metal inkjet print head is introduced to Yotta’s YD-R3200R5 roll to roll UV printing machine. It introduces an integrated structure of separately installed small-size control panel, connecting wire, and key part of inkjet print head. Each print head is made of steel material, and allows printing width of 54mm. Meanwhile, it also enjoys excellent corrosion resistance capacity, so being immersed into printing ink is allowable. In addition, continuous working for 24 hours could be realized, and each of them enjoys an average service life of 3 to 4 years, transcending all the other print heads by three times. So, it is widely used in UV printing field.

High-end components:
1. Many imported components, like, Panasonic’s servo motor, HIWIN’s guide track, planetary gearbox, German Igus’s drag chain, Italian Megadyne Group’s timing belt and etc.
2. An overall steel frame is introduced to our roll to roll UV printing machine for stable and reliable operation; These steel materials all undergo high-temperature stress relieving process, so no mechanical deformation will be produced during long-distance transportation.
3. Double guide track is introduced to our printing machine, so the printing head could enjoy a stable, smooth and efficient working.
4. Both the guide track and printing machine frame are processed by 5-axis machining center with one time machining, so the printing accuracy could be well guaranteed.

Humanized design:
1. Automatic measurement towards printing materials’ thickness;
2. Swinging ring is introduced for the transportation of printing materials, so users who lives in in second floor or higher will enjoy an easier delivery.
3. Double negative pressure system is installed on our printing machine, so the negative pressure’s supplement will be more stable, and ink’s feeding will also become more stable.
4. As soon as the operator lifts materials on roller, the feeding will be activated automatically, which is more convenient and more labor-saving.
5. A constant temperature system is introduced to our ink cartridge, so a universal ink velocity could be ensured. Therefore, it could be installed in varied environment with different ambient temperature.
6. The UV printing machine is designed with an anti-collision system which enables an automatic stop of print head trolley when there is an attach between printing material and the trolley. This design effectively protects the trolley and print head from damage.
7. Safety light curtain is outfitted in our roll to roll UV printing machine, so as to ensure the machine’s normal operation without any obstructs. Thus, users security could be well guaranteed.

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