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Rigid Media Digital UV Flatbed Printing Machine

, YD-F3216KC

YD-F3216KC is a flatbed inkjet printer that uses an industrial-grade, gray-scale inkjet print-head coming from Konica for superior color and imaging. The maximum printable width per pass is up to 72mm, while the allowable media size is 3200mm by 1600mm maximum. Each flatbed printing machine delivers a top speed of 35m2/h, and comes equipped with high-quality, imported original factory parts for unrivalled printing performance and an extended lifetime 2 to 5 times that of an ordinary flatbed printer.

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Features of Digital UV Flatbed Printing Machine

1. Increased number of gray levels allows users to represent a wider range of gray tones and to enable a smoother transition from white through to black without any noticeable difference in transition between shades.

2. Intelligent control permits the print-head to jet out 8 different ink droplets.

3. Printing color combinations: CMYK, LC, LM, white, varnish finish, etc.

4. The Y-axis is driven by double precision-ground leadscrew, delivering pinpoint accuracy of 0.02mm.

5. Optional imported high precision raster sensor enables 720dpi high resolution.

6. Steel framework provides for great reliability and stability. Annealing treatment removes its internal stress at high temperature, which minimizes the risk of mechanical deformation caused by bumps during long-distance travel and sea transport.

7. Granite straight edge is used to adjust the straightness (accuracy: 0.02mm) and parallelism (accuracy: 0.01mm) of the guide rails.

8. Drag chains come with noise reduction features for quiet operation.

9. Leadscrews at both ends of the Y axis are controlled by one single servo motor from Panasonic to ensure they move in sync.

Advantageous Features
Advanced collision avoidance system brings the printhead trolley to a stop once it hits the medium, providing maximum protection for the print head and trolley.

The inkjet cartridge is able to maintain a stable vacuum level over an extended period to ensure a constant, fast supply of printing inks.

A backup power unit is available for use during a temporary power outage. This ensures a stable vacuum level can be maintained at all times, reducing the risk of ink cartridge jam. When the normal power comes back on, the printer can quickly get back to normal and is able to operate non-stop.

Specialized loading and unloading features can get heavy prints off line easily and effortlessly.

The printing platform comes with an automatic medium positioning system to facilitate material handling.

Automatic material thickness gauge saves labor and guarantees high printing accuracy and efficiency.

The ink cartridge is able to maintain a constant temperature. Quality inks maintain a consistent viscosity even when the ambient temperature is low.

Technical Specifications
Model No. YD-F3216KC
Printing size 3200mm×1600mm
Print head model Konica KM1024(14pl)
UV curing system Standard: 085 mercury lamp for curing, 3-4 energy level for option
Optional: UV LED curing system
Printing colors C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V for option
Medium thickness Maximum: 100mm
Number of print head 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 in a single line
Printing ink type Imported UV curable ink
Printing speed High speed mode 35m²/h
Normal working mode 28m²/h
High precision mode 20m²/h
Power supply Single Phase, AC220V/3800W; 50/60HZ
Data interface USB
RIP software Photoprint
Color control ICC (national standard)
Equipment weight 1500kg
Operating environment Temperature: 20°C -28 °C , Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Equipment dimension 5210 × 2320 × 1420 (mm)
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