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High Resolution Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer

, YD-F2513R5

YD-F2513R5 series UV flatbed printers are wide format printers with very high resolution. It is installed with genuine original Ricon G5 print head, the number of which is variable according to application demands. The printing size is 2500mmx1300mm, and the maximum medium thickness can be 100mm. The inkjet printer is great for printing on a huge range of flat materials, including fabric, glass, paper, metal, PVC, wood, plastic and stone.

Due to large printing size, the UV flatbed printer is often utilized for printing large-sized items, such as glass sliding doors, furniture and suspended ceiling tiles. Material loading assisting device is available to ensure effortless loading of large and heavy items. Automated material positioning system reduces labor intensity and improves working efficiency.

Our flatbed digital printers use CE complaint eco-friendly printing ink, which ensures zero harm to people and the environment. They all meet the EU standard.


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Product Advantages

1. The UV flatbed printer innovatively uses Ricon G5 industrial inkjet print heads. With built-in heater and increased grey-scale levels, the print heads ensure fast and accurate printing, denser ink droplets, brighter printing colors and great flexibility in color design.

2. Steel-framed cross beam undergoes tempering treatment to enhance tensile strength. It employs dual guiderails to ensure the stable and smooth movement of printheads.

3. The dual guiderails are acquired from Taiwan HIWIN. They feature precision and low noise operation and great wearing resistance. They allow the printhead trolley to move smoothly and stably with minimized vibration, thus ensuring uniform ink jetting and reduced error.

4. The UV flatbed printer is equipped with original Panasonic servo synchronous motor. The stable performance of the motor enables synchronous movement of the leadscrews on both sides of Y axis. Thus, our UV printer has reduced printing error and supports high speed precision printing.

5. Instead of conventional manual methods, our UV flatbed printer supports automatic material thickness measuring and printing position adjustment. Precision and efficiency are thus assured.

6. Designed with an exclusive mechanism for material loading and unloading, theflatbed printing machine allows for effortlessly handling of large and heavy items.

7. Include an automatic medium positioning system to allow for convenient and precise placement of printing material.

Technical Specifications:
Model YD-F2513R5
Printing size 2500mm×1300mm
Print head model Ricon Gen5 (7pl)
UV curing system UV LED curing system
Printing color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V for option
Medium thickness Max. 100mm
Number of print head 3-8pcs
Printing ink type Imported UV curable ink
Printing speed High speed mode 36 m²/h
Normal working mode 27 m²/h
High precision mode 20 m²/h
Power supply Single phase AC220V/3500W, 50/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
RIP software Photoprint
Color control ICC
Weight 1300kg
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Dimension 4510mm × 2500mm × 1400mm (L × W × H)
Packaging size 4700mm × 2250mm × 1730mm (L × W × H)
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