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Selection By Categories

    1. Glass Printer

      The glass printer is commonly seen in glass industry to serve as a substitute of film laminating technique to create colorful and aesthetical glasswork. It can also create three-dimensional decorative patterns and embossing on glass surface.

    1. Wood Printer

      By using the latest non-contact printing technology, the glass printer can produce firm print marking on a variety of wood surface types, whether that is coarse, porous or smooth surface.

    1. Ceramic Tile Printer

      Our ceramic tile printer can create numerous styles of printing marks, including 3D decorative patterns and embossing. It features simple operation and additionally has advantages such as low production cost and no requirement on production quantity.

    1. Metal Printer

      The UV printer can create clear and colorful printing marks on any type of metal surface, and can complete single-color or multi-color printing at a stroke, without the demand of platemaking, printing exposure unit, or repeated printing registration.

    1. Door Printer

      The door printer is a collection of large format printer that supports creating printing marks on wooden doors, metal doors and glass sliding doors. It delivers vivid and colorful prints, and also support embossed printing.

    1. Backdrop Printer

      As the most efficient and versatile solution for backdrop printing, the industrial digital printer creates printing marks that are colorful, bright, and won’t fade over time. It features low production cost and supports embossed printing.

    1. Plastic Printer

      The large format printer is a high resolution color printing solution for both plastic sheet and plastic film. It is now very popular in mobile phone case industry for mass production of individual and aesthetical products.

    1. Ceiling Tile Printer

      YD-F2513R5 flatbed printer can create any style of clear and vivid print marks on ceiling tiles made from various material. It meets both mass production and trial-production demands.

    1. Acrylic Printer

      The acrylic printer supports single color and multi-color printing without the demand of platemaking, printing exposure unit or printing registration. It thus is an efficient inkjet printing solution for creating LOGO, texts, as well as aesthetical and complexed patterns on acrylic sheets.

    1. Leather Printer

      YOTTA YD-F2513XR series leather printer is designed for large format printing on various leather materials. It features a high printing resolution up to 720×2400dpi which is a leading level in industrial inkjet printer industry.

    1. Flex Banner Printer

      It is a popular range of wide format printer for signage and point of sale displays, window graphics, exhibition displays, packaging prototypes and interior decoration materials.

    1. UV Adhesive Vinyl Printer

      In addition to common purpose printing, the UV adhesive vinyl printer also supports creating 3D decorative patterns and oil painting style printing marks. The print is water resistant, wearing resistant and won’t fade over time.

    1. Craft Gift Printer

      In addition to the precision and efficiency of common flatbed inkjet printers, the craft gift printer innovatively adopts an advanced UV LED curing system to enable synchronous printing and drying. It also supports embossed printing.

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