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UV Hybrid Printer (Roll to Roll and Flatbed)

, YD-H3200R5

The YD-H3200R5 series UV hybrid printer is specially designed for ultra large format printing. It is a large-sized, industrial grade and superior-performance color printer. The print machine can work on 3200mm wide, 50mm thick rigid and flexible materials. More importantly, it can provide an extremely cost-effective solution for printing coils and plates.

This series of flatbed printer can perform fast and single-row printing operation at speeds up to 38M2/h. It can print with a wide variety of ink colors, enabling you to create outstanding print work.

Main Advantages

1. 3-8pcs gray-scale Ricoh Gen5 industrial print head ensures fast speed, high resolution and stable performance.
2. 4-7 color options: LM, LC, Y, M, C, K, UV white ink, environmentally-friendly UV curable ink (excluding VOC)
3. Constant pressure and positioning device ensures more precise printing of plates and coils.
4. A special device available for easy loading and unloading of the large heavy materials.
5. Skip blank page function automatically detects and discards blank pages.
6. Provide two power-adjustable UV light tubes
7. Automatic height measurement and carriage protection functions available
8. World-renowned Panasonic servo motor and two HIWIN noiseless guide rails guarantee smooth carriage operation and the synchronous operation of Y-axis lead screws. They work stably, noiselessly and precisely.

Technical Parameters
Model YD-H3200R5
Print Head Ricoh Gen5 (7pl-35pl)
Quantity of Print Head 3-8pcs
Print Size Width: 3200mm
Printing Accuracy 600*2400
Print Speed High Speed Mode 38m2/h (single row)
Normal Mode 29m2/h (single row)
High Precision Mode 22m2/h (single row)
Max. Medium Thickness 50mm
Ink Type Environmentally-friendly UV curable ink (excluding VOC)
Ink Color C, M, Y, K, LM, LC, W (optional)
Input Format PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
Weight 2150KG
Power Supply 220V/AC(±10%) single phase, 50/60HZ, 8.5KW (38A)
Printer Dimension 5800mm × 1580mm × 1530mm(L × W × H)
Packaging size 6000mm × 1850mm × 1930mm(L × W × H)
Operating Environment Ambient temperature: 18℃~30℃ (64℉~86℉)
Relative humidity: 30%~70%
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