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UV Flatbed Printer

, YD-F3020R5

YD-F3020R5 UV flatbed printer adopts Ricoh print heads. The print heads can be arranged in single or double rows. YD-F3020R5 has a good control of ink. The free change between single row and double row printing can realize both fast printing and slow printing. The 6-color 600*2400dpi high precision and high speed printing delivers a vivid effect with bright colors.

Rigid medium: glass, ceramic tile, metal plate, wood plate, acrylic board, KT board, PVC board, melamine board, marble plate and so on.
Flexible medium: paper, plastic film, leather, cloth and so on.

1. Automatic height measurement: It detects automatically the thickness of printed material to maintain the best printing height.
2. Conversion between blowing and suction: It facilitates the loading and unloading of large size heavy materials.
3. LED UV curing lamp: It is energy saving with a long service life.
4. Anti-collision device of print head trolley: The print head trolley stops automatically when touching the medium, in order to protect the trolley and nozzle.

Technical Parameters
Model YD-F3020R5
Printing size 3000×2000mm
Model of print head Ricoh grayscale piezoelectric print head
Printing mode Unidirectional, bidirectional
Printing colors Free combination of Lm, Lc, Y, M, C, K
Max. thickness of medium 100mm
Special ink UV white ink or UV transparent varnish
Ink type Environmentally friendly UV curable ink (VOC free)
Printing speed High speed mode 38㎡/h
Normal working mode 29㎡/h
High precision mode 22㎡/h
Power supply Single phase 220V/AC(±10%);50/60HZ;6KW
Input format Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
RIP software Photoprint, Seeget
Medium type Rigid and flexible sheets
Inkjet printer weight 1700KG
Operating environment Ambient temperature: 18℃-30℃ Relative humidity: 30%-70%
Inkjet printer dimension 5000mm×2800mm×1390mm(L×W×H)

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