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High Resolution Ultra Large Format UV Flatbed Printer

, YD-F3216R5

With printing size of 3200mm×1600mm, the UV flatbed printer is great for ultra large format printing and offers high printing resolution. It is fitted with Ricon G5 industrial inkjet print heads which support maximum print width of 72mm for increased efficiency.

At high speed mode, the flatbed UV printer delivers a top speed of 38㎡/h. High quality, genuine original parts and components provide our printers with unrivalled printing performance and an extended lifespan 2 to 5 times that of an ordinary flatbed printer.

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Product Advantages

1. Increased grey-scale level for printhead allows for production of richer toners and more subtle gradients. Equipped with a new control IC, Ricon G5 printhead can print up to maximally 8 drop sizes.
2. The UV flatbed printer supports optional 8-color printing based on color combinations of CMYK, LC, LM, white ink, and varnish finish.
3. The Y axis is driven by dual precision ground leadscrews (optional) to offer stepping precision up to 0.02mm.
4. Imported high precision metal grating ruler is optional to realize 720dpi printing resolution.
5. Steel framework provides the large format printerwith enhanced structural stability and reliability. Annealing treatment at high temperature relieves its internal stresses, which minimizes the risk of mechanical deformation caused by bumps during long-distance travel and sea transport.
6. Granite straight edge is employed to adjust the straightness (accuracy: 0.02mm) and parallelism (accuracy: 0.01mm) of the guiderails.
7. Extremely low noise guiderails effectively reduce the noise during operation.
8. The UV flatbed printer uses a single servo motor to control the leadscrews on both sides of Y axis, thus ensuring their synchronous movement.

Technical Specifications of the High Resolution UV Flatbed Printer
Model YD-F3216R5
Printing size 3200mm×1600mm
Print head model Ricon Gen5 (7pl)
UV curing system UV LED curing system
Printing color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V for option
Medium thickness Max. 100mm
Number of print head 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 in a single line
Printing ink type Imported UV curable ink
Printing speed High speed mode 38m²/h
Normal working mode 29m²/h
High precision mode 22m²/h
Power supply Single phase, AC220V/6KW, 50/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
RIP software Photoprint
Color control ICC
Weight 1500kg
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Dimension 5150mm×2740mm×1400mm (L×W×H)
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