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Client name: Ashraf Bader
Country: Egypt
Company name: Sameh Ahmed Mohamed Office for Import & Export

Ashraf Bader's company has cooperated with us for many years, and we have built very good cooperation relationship. This time, he buys one set of YD2512-KD UV flatbed printer for his customer who is majoring in ceramic tiles.

Client name: Belinda
Country: Australia

Belinda is one of our long term partners. He bought 3 sets of YD-2513 UV printer from us to print phone cases and posters. Business chance is always around you. He who catches it wins it.

Client name: Maciej & Marek
Country: Poland

Maciej and Marek are from Poland. They bought our YD-1510 series UV inkjet printers for leather and PU products printing.

Client name: Mustapha
Country: France

Mustapha is a trader, and his business covers France, Algeria, Tunisia and Germany. He often comes to China and he knows China very well. As our good partner, he not only sells our flatbed digital printers, but also uses them for his decal business.

Client name: Chris
Country: USA

Chris has a gift shop in Hawaii. He bought our YD-6090 series flatbed UV printer for creating personalized souvenir gifts for tourists.

Client name: Oliveira
Country: Portugal

Oliveira has a small shop for art crafts. He and his father came to visit our factory, and bought our YD-4285 series UV printer for printing phone cases, keychains, cards, etc.

Client name: Mohammad
Country: Saudi Arabia
Company name: ALTRAHEEB

Mohammad has been specialized in UV LED industry for many years. Recently he has planned to enter into the advertisement industry. He bought one set of our YD-2513 series UV flatbed inkjet printer which comes with 34cm printing thickness to print pen, plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, metal, etc. Such a hard-working boss, we believe his business will be bigger and bigger.

Client name: Sovi
Country: Sri Lanka
Company Name: Atlas

Sovi comes from Atlas, a company in Sri Lanka. The company is specialized in stationery such as pen and notebook. They bought our YD-4285 model of UV printer for pen printing, and the YD-2513 model supporting max. medium thickness of 34cm for printing the spine of notebooks.

Client name: Yusuf
Country: Turkey
Company: Olbiaprinter

Olbiaprinter has been our sales agent in Turkey since 2012. They have always been working with us to help sell our previous Eco solvent printers to our latest UV flatbed printers and hybrid printers. Every month, they give the orders for our YD-6090UV, YD-1510UV, YD-2513, YD1810-KD, YD1810-RD, YD2512-KD, YD-2512RD, YD3216-KD, YD3216-RD, etc.

Client name: Hadi
Country: Iran

Hadi bought our one set of YD-2513 UV printer to print lenticular sheet for 3D images.

Client name: Gowtham
Country: India

Gowtham is one of our agents in India. He visits our factory every 3 months every year. In his company, our YD-2513 UV printer and YD2512UV-KD printer are the most popular items for his customers.

Client name: Lookey
Country: British

Lookey has six souvenir shops in the resorts in UK. Last year, he bought one set of YD-6090 UV printer to create DIY phone covers for his customers.

Foxconn Group chooses to cooperate with YOTTA Printing once again.
Recently, Foxconn Group has successfully purchased another set of UV printer from our factory. The cooperation between us proves that the quality and the service of our company deserve your trust and affirmation.

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