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Cut-Sheet Inkjet Printer

, YD1640-SF

Brief Introduction
The YD1614-SF cut-sheet inkjet printer can work on all fabric materials. It features an ultra high speed of up to 50m2 per hour. Not only that, our printing system comes with a revolutionary print head which is specially used for industrial applications. It enables a resolution of up to 400dpi, a print frequency of 50Khz, as well as precise and excellent print results. This makes our inkjet printing machine an extremely ideal choice for uninterrupted print production.

Compared with traditional textile printers, this series of product can offer very competitive benefits. Aside from the advantages of one-step printing and meticulous image output, it also removes the need for making any printing plate. This all adds up to a greatly simplified production process, considerable cost savings and a significant increase in work efficiency.


1. 2-8pcs StarFire 1024 print head available. Adopt recycled ink supply technology, variable ink droplet technology, detachable structure and high-density nozzle to meet various top-grade industrial inkjet printing requirements.
2. A print-head moisturizing system is used to prevent blockage when the machine stops working for a long time.
3. Dual negative-pressure system ensures uninterrupted ink circulation and prevents ink from blockage.
4. Carriage protection device enables the carriage to stop working automatically when coming into contact with medium.
5. Ergonomically designed with a multitude of emergency buttons
6. HIMIN guide rails ensure the carriage is low-noise, wear-resistant and runs smoothly.
7. The modular printer offers a 24-hour run for greatly increased production efficiency.
8. Extensively used for printing a variety of knitted and woven fabrics

Parameters of the YD1640-SF Cut-Sheet Inkjet Printer
Machine Model YD1640-SF
Print Size 1600*4000 mm
Print Head StarFire 1024 (StarFireTM) Industrial Print Head
Print Mode Unidirectional and Bidirectional
Print Speed High Speed Mode 50 m2/h
Normal Mode 40 m2/h
High Precision Mode 30 m2/h
Medium Various woven and knitted fabrics, such as cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, etc.
Print Height 100 mm
Ink Color Y, M, C, K, Lm, Lc, sapphire blue, orange (optional)
Ink Type Paint
Print Resolution 400*1200dpi
Input Format Adobe Photoscript Level 3, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI
RIP Software PhotoPrint, Seeget
Weight Approximately 1000KG
Printer Dimension 4760 mm(L)*3020mm(W)*1300 mm(H)
Power Supply 220V/AC (±10%) single phase, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.5 KW
Operating Environment Clean, little dust, shaded, well-ventilated
Ambient temperature: 18℃-30℃ (64℉~86℉), Relative humidity: 30%-70%

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