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UV Hybrid Printer (Roll to Roll and Flatbed)

, YD-H2600R5

Introduction to the UV Hybrid Printer
The YD-H2600R5 product range is a large-format printer commonly used for fast, precise printing of coils or plates that possess a width of 2,600mm and a thickness of up to 50mm. It is an extremely high performance flatbed printing machine that comes with a maximum resolution of 600*1200mm and can withstand 50KG per area.

This series of machine can offer a roll-to-roll, multi-color printing solution. It can print with 6 colors or white ink, which enables a very beautiful print on coils or plates in bright and vivid colors.


1. Equipped with 3-8pcs Ricoh Gen5 gray-scale industrial print head for high speed and superb resolution. Built-in thermal insulation system ensures stable and long-lasting performance.
2. 4-7 color options: LM, LC, Y, M, C, K, UV white ink, environmentally-friendly UV curable ink (excluding VOC)
3. Coil and plate printing machine, ideal for printing rigid and flexible plates
4. A ‘skip blank page’ function automatically detects and discards blank pages.
5. Equipped with two power-adjustable UV light tubes
6. Two HIWIN guide rails are featured by high precision, low noise and strong abrasion resistance. This ensures smooth carriage operation and exceptionally uniform ink distribution.
7. Large-format printing materials and finished products are loaded and unloaded easily.
8. Automatic height measurement system and medium positioning system ensure high-precision printing.

Technical Data of the UV Hybrid Printer
Machine Model YD-H2600R5
Print Size Width: 2600mm
Print Head Ricoh Gen5 gray-scale piezoelectric nozzle
Print Speed High Speed Mode 36 m2/h (single row)
Normal Mode 27 m2/h (single row)
High Precision Mode 20 m2/h (single row)
Medium Type Rigid and flexible plates
Max. Medium Thickness 50mm
Ink Color Y, M, C, K, Lm, Lc, UV white ink (optional)
Ink Type Environmentally-friendly UV curable ink (excluding VOC)
Print Resolution 600*1200dpi
Input Format PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI, etc.
Weight 1400KG
Printer Dimension 5200mm(L)*1700mm(W)*1600mm(H)
Power Supply 220V/AC (±10%) single phase, 50 / 60 Hz, 8.5 KW (38A)
Operating Environment Clean, little dust, shaded, well-ventilated
Ambient temperature: 18℃-30℃(64℉~86℉)
Relative humidity: 30%-70%

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