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Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer

, YD2512-KD

YD2512-KD series UV flatbed printers are wide format printers with genuine original Konica KM1024 inkjet print heads. They are designed for printing on large format flat materials with max. size of 2500mmx1250mm and max. thickness of 100mm. If you are looking for a versatile UV printer for wood, glass, metal, stone, paper, PVC, fabric and plastic materials, then this is your perfect choice.

The industrial inkjet printer offers outstanding printing and low failure rate of 1.5%. It is your great solution for large format printing.

Product Advantages

1. The wide format UV flatbed printer is equipped with KONICA industrial inkjet print head which comes with integral heater and increased grey-scale. Some feature a high grade configuration of interlaced arrangement of 7 printheads. This enables fast and precision 7-color printing with denser ink droplets, which allows for flexible color designs.

2. The cross beam for our UV flatbed printer comes with steel framed structure and undergoes tempering treatment. It is equipped with dual guiderails from Taiwan HIWIN, which ensures stable and smooth movement of the printhead trolley. Printing precision is thus assured.

3. Genuine original Panasonic servo synchronous motor guarantees the high speed and high precision performance of the digital printer. Its stable running makes sure the leadscrews on both sides of Y axis can move synchronously to further reduce printing error.

4. The large format printer employs the IGUS drag chain which is typically used for tank and military purposes. The chain offers high accuracy, low noise, high wearing resistance and long service life.

5. Due to steel body design and tempering treatment, the UV flatbed printer comes with high structural stability, high strength and toughness, great wearing resistance, and superior anti-impact and anti-deformation performances. Thus, machinery deformation during long distance transportation or sea transportation can be effectively avoided.

6. Our UV flatbed printers support automatic material thickness measuring, ensuring reduced error and improved working efficiency.

7. The inkjet printing machine is designed with an anti-collision system which enables the printhead trolley to automatically stop moving when come into contact with the medium. This design effectively protects the trolley and printhead from damages.

Technical Specifications of the Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer
Model YD2512-KD
Printing size 2500mm×1250mm
Print head model Konica KM1024 (14pl)
UV curing system Standard: 085 mercury lamp for curing, 3-4 energy levels for option
Optional: UV LED curing system
Printing color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V for option
Medium thickness Max. 100mm
Number of print head 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 for a single line
Printing ink type Imported UV curable ink
Printing speed High speed mode 30m²/h
Normal working mode 23m²/h
High precision mode 15m²/h
Power supply Single phase AC220V/3500W, 50/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
RIP software Photoprint
Color control ICC
Printer weight 1300kg
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Printer dimension 4510 × 2360 × 1420 (mm)

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