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Multi-color Large Format UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

, YD2518

YD2518 series multi-color UV flatbed inkjet printer is a perfect combination of the functions of screen printer, pad printing machine, heat press machine, transfer printing machine and inkjet printing machine. It is thus able to meet all color printing demands on both rigid and flexible materials, virtually all kinds of flat surfaces. It is a large format printer with maximum printing size of 2500×1800mm.

The flatbed inkjet printer employs the latest version of Epson print head which comes with 8 nozzle lines and 180 nozzles per line. The print head supports variable droplet size between 3.5pl and 12pl.

Detail Display
Printing Processes Illustration
1. Mobile phone case printing
  • Step 1: Put the cell phone case in the preset position
  • Step 2: Start printing after finished printing pattern design
  • Step 3: You can take out the mobile phone case immediately after printing, without any waiting
  • Sample show: The cell phone case exhibits exquisite printing and has embossed printing effect
2. Glass printing
  • Step 1: Put the glass panel in the preset position
  • Step 2: Start printing after finished printing pattern design
  • Sample show: After printing, a plain glass is converted into an artwork!
3. Ceramic tile printing
  • Step 1: Put the ceramic tile in the preset position
  • Step 2: Start printing after finished printing pattern design
  • Step 3: A printed ceramic tile is created in at least 2 minutes.
  • Sample show: The printed tile comes with bright printing colors and even the hair can be clearly seen.
Sample Showcase
  • Printed T-shirt
  • Printed U disk
  • Printed cell phone case
  • Printed glass artwork
Configuration Advantages

1. As a professional manufacturer, Epson can produce print heads with high precision and high resolution up to 2880*1440dpi. Our large format UV flatbed inkjet printer is installed with double Epson print heads, which ensures clear and vivid printing. Based on dual print heads, it is able to realized CMYK+W printing and CMYK+CMYK printing. Due to adjustable height for print heads, the flatbed UV printer suits for printing on flat materials of varied thickness.

2. Support synchronous white ink printing and color printing on dark colored or transparent materials. This makes the UV flatbed inkjet printer a great solution for creating 3D printing effect on cell phone cases without changing of color depth.

3. Automated white ink circulation system ensures stable white ink printing. The ink level indicator system is controlled by an independent chip. It enables the UV inkjet printer to work continuously for a certain period of time in case of the ink is not filled timely.

4. The UV flatbed inkjet printer is fitted with Taiwan HIWIN guiderail, which offers um level positioning accuracy and extremely low friction coefficient. The guiderail boasts low requirement on drive motor, and enables the industrial digital printer to operate with low energy consumption, low wearing, high speed and low noise. It is easy for lubricating and convenient for maintenance.

5. The vacuum table, acquired from Foshan Yinmei Vacuum Board Company, features aluminum honeycomb structure design. It has light weight, max. carrying capacity of 100kg, and delivers strong but uniform vacuum absorption. The table surface undergoes hard anodizing and thus is resistant to wearing, scratch and corrosion. Its surface hardness reaches HV700, and the surface roughness is below 10dmm, meeting military standards.

6. The UV flatbed inkjet printer employs an imported UV LED curing system which adopts the advanced circulating water cooling system. The curing system has an ultra-long service life up to 60,000 hours, and features low power consumption and zero maintenance. The LED curing lamp supports instant lighting up without preheating, and delivers stable and uniform output.

Technical Specifications of the UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Model UV2518
Printing size 2500mm x 1830mm
Print head EPSON DX5 print head with 8 nozzle lines and 180 nozzles per line
Variable droplet size from minimally 3.5pl to maximally 12pl
Number of print head 2
Printing color C, M, Y, K+W/CMYK×2
Medium thickness max. 90mm
UV curing system 9020 compressor type water cooled UV LED curing system
Printing accuracy 2 Pass, 4 Pass, 8 Pass, 16 Pass, 32 Pass
Printing ink type High quality UV curable ink
Printing speed
2 Pass, 18m2/ hour 2 Pass, 36m2/ hour
4 Pass, 9m2/ hour 4 Pass, 18m2/ hour
8 Pass, 4.5m2/ hour 8 Pass, 9m2/ hour
16 Pass, 2.3m2/ hour 16 Pass, 4.5m2/ hour
Power supply Single phase AC220V/3500W, 50HZ/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
Operating system Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Color control ICC
RIP software PhotoPrint
Weight 960KG
Dimension 3500 x 2390 x 1160(mm)
Component List of the UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Motor Taiwan TECO servo motor provides a guarantee for high speed printing
Guiderail Taiwan HIWIN guiderail offers high accuracy, low noise, great wearing resistance and ensure the smooth and stable moving of printhead trolley
Synchronous pulley and synchronous belt American Gates synchronous pulley and belt ensures movement precision
Print head Genuine original EPSON print head
Optoelectronic switch Omron optoelectronic switch
Switch and indicator lights Siemens and Schneider
Printing platform High precision tempered glass printing platform (vacuum table)
UV curing system Imported water cooled UV LED curing system with lifespan up to 60,000 hours
Bearing Genuine original SKF bearing for assured machinery precision
Drag chain Genuine original IGUS drag chain with extremely low noise and long service life

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