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Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer

, YD2512-KD

YD2512-KD series UV flatbed printers are wide format printers installed with original Konica KM1024 printheads. It supports maximum printing size up to 2500mmx1250mm and maximum material thickness of 100mm. It is compatible with materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone, paper, PVC, fabric, plastic and so on. It offers low failure rate of only 1.5%, and thus is absolutely your first choice if you are looking for large format printers.

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Product Advantages

1. The UV flatbed printer is configured with KONICA-1024 (14pl, 12khz) industrial inkjet print heads with integral heater. The printhead features increased grey-scale levels to produce richer tones, and realizes maximally 72mm print width for increased productivity. Its ultra-slim and space saving design greatly improves print quality and also allows more compact design of our industrial inkjet printers.
Due to interlaced arrangement of 7 printheads, the UV flatbed printer offers precision and fast printing, denser ink droplets, and thus supports 7-color printing to suit individual demands.

2. Dual guiderails from Taiwan HIWIN offer high precision and low noise operation, and feature great wearing resistance. They enable the printhead trolley to move smoothly and stably with minimized vibration, which ensures uniform ink jetting and reduced error.

3. The UV printer is equipped with original Panasonic servo synchronous motor. The motor runs stably and enables synchronous movement of the leadscrews on both sides of Y axis. It helps reduce printing error and provides a guarantee for high speed precision printing.

4. German IGUS drag chain, which is typically used for tank and military purposes, is utilized for our UV flatbed printer. It is characterized by high accuracy, low noise, high wearing resistance and long service life.

5. Taiwan Tai Chuang speed reducer is available to offer stable and precise speed reducing performance, which further ensures printing accuracy.

6. Our wide format UV flatbed printer has a rational body structure design. The steel body undergoes tempering treatment, and thus has high structural stability, high strength and toughness, great wearing resistance, and superior anti-impact and anti-deformation performances. This effectively prevents machinery deformation caused by long distance transportation or sea transportation.


The inkjet printing machine is compatible with both rigid and flexible materials. Details are illustrated below:
Rigid materials: glass, ceramic tile, sheet metal, wood board, plastic sheet, acrylic sheet, laminated EPS sheet, PVC sheet, melamine board, marble slab, etc.
Flexible materials: paper, plastic film, leather, fabric, and more.

Technical Specifications of the Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer
Model YD2512-KD
Printing size 2500mm×1250mm
Print head model Konica KM1024 (14pl)
UV curing system Standard: 085 mercury lamp for curing, 3-4 energy levels for option
Optional: UV LED curing system
Printing color C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V for option
Medium thickness Max. 100mm
Number of print head 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 in a single line
Printing ink type Imported UV curable ink
Printing speed High speed mode 30m²/h
Normal working mode 23m²/h
High precision mode 15m²/h
Power supply Single phase AC220V/3500W, 50/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
RIP software Photoprint
Color control ICC
Printer weight 1300kg
Operating environment Temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Printer dimension 4510 × 2360 × 1420 (mm)

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