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UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

, YD1510

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

YD1510 series UV flatbed inkjet printer is equipped with double original Epson printheads of the latest version, which ensures incomparable printing quality.

Our UV inkjet printer supports printing on various flat surfaces with size of 1500mmx1000mm and height not exceeding 90mm. Included are wooden plate, glass, sheet metal, stone slab, paper, acrylic, fabric and various building materials.

The flatbed inkjet printer offers clear printing images and supports CMYK printing. Its configuration can be upgraded according to clients' demands, which ensures very high price to performance ratio.

Printing Samples
  • Printed Leather Products
  • Printed Label
  • Printed Sheet Metal Products
  • Printed Glass Curtain Wall
  • Printed Bamboo Curtain
Carefully Selected Parts and Components

1. The latest version of Epson printhead provides the UV flatbed inkjet printer with doubled printing speed and very high printing precision.

2. Moisturizing mechanism for printhead nozzles. The moisturizing mechanism works continuously even when the inkjet printing system isn't working, which allows for instant printing when necessary. Automatic cleaning function effectively prevents blocking of nozzles, and thus provides extended service life and improved printing quality.

3. Imported water cooled UV LED curing system offers ultra-long service life up to 60,000 hours and a very fast drying speed. This allows for synchronous printing and drying, and also makes the UV printer ideal for bidirectional printing.

4. The flatbed inkjet printer is equipped with Taiwan TECO servo motor. Stable motor running ensures synchronous movement of the leadscrews on both sides of Y axis, which provides minimized printing error and guarantees high speed printing quality.

5. German IGUS drag chain, which is typically used for tank and military purposes, offers high accuracy, low noise, great wearing resistance and long lifespan.

6. The vacuum table for the flatbed inkjet printer is acquired from Foshan Yinmei Vacuum Board Company, an industry leader in China. The table features independent control over separate suction zones, and has max. carrying capacity of 100kg. It can stably absorb the feeding material to prevent material sliding during printing. After printing, it creates an upward air flow, allowing heavy feeding materials to be effortlessly removed from the platform.

7. The inkjet printing machine is fitted with Taiwan HIWIN guiderail, which offers um level positioning accuracy, low friction coefficient, high precision, low noise, and good wearing resistance. The guiderail ensures smooth and stable movement of the trolley and reduces vibration. This enables stable and uniform ink jetting, and minimizes printing error further.

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Product Advantages

1. As compared with screen printers and thermal transfer printers, UV flatbed inkjet printers feature simpler printing process, without the demand of platemaking, printing exposure unit, or repeated printing registration.

2. Our flatbed printer is compatible with a great variety of materials and thus can be applied in a huge range of industries.

3. It offers much higher printing accuracy than manual printing methods. It is a computer printer combining automatic control technologies, enabling precise printing on desired areas.

Technical Specifications of the UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer
Model UV1510
Printing size 1500mm x 1000mm
Print head EPSON DX5 print head with 8 nozzle lines and 180 nozzles per line
Variable droplet size from minimally 3.5pl to maximally 12pl
Number of print head 2
Printing color C, M, Y, K+W/CMYK×2
Medium thickness 90mm
UV curing system 9020 compressor type water cooled UV LED curing system
Printing accuracy 2 Pass, 4 Pass, 8 Pass, 16 Pass, 32 Pass
Printing ink type High quality UV curable ink
Printing speed
2 Pass, 16m2 / hour 2 Pass, 32m2 / hour
4 Pass, 8m2 / hour 4 Pass, 16m2 / hour
8 Pass, 4m2 / hour 8 Pass, 8m2 / hour
16 Pass, 2m2 / hour 16Pass, 4m2 / hour
Power supply Single phase, AC220V/2420W, 50HZ/60HZ
Data interface High speed USB
Operating system Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Operating environment Working temperature: 20 ℃ -28 ℃
Indoor relative humidity: 40%-60%
Color control ICC
RIP software PhotoPrint
Inkjet printer weight 680kg
Inkjet printer dimension 2500 x 1650 x 1120 (mm)

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